rusty pipes

My Drains are Not Draining

Are your drains causing issues? Can’t quite get them to drain through properly, and that dreaded pool of water at the top is taking a little too long to disperse? Blocked drains are one of the most common issues amongst homeowners, and there are a number of different causes and solutions for the problem. Tap …

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drippy faucet

Fixing the Low Water Pressure in Your Home

Fixing Low Water Pressure In Your Home Does it seem like your taps aren’t producing as much water pressure as in the past? Is the tap in your bathroom at a trickle, or your shower head sadly sputtering? Perhaps it is causing frustration, and making those everyday activities a hassle as you try to figure …

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The Tap Doctor Plumbing Crew

Why Should I Hire a Licensed Plumber?

Why hire a licensed plumber? When something goes wrong with the plumbing in your home, the decision to try and tackle the problem yourself or hire a licensed plumber should be an easy one. Whether you think you might have the tools or basic knowledge to take on your plumbing system or not, it’s always …

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toilet photo

Helping You Choose the Right Toilet

Choosing the right toilet When it comes to choosing a toilet, the options can seem a little overwhelming. There are no longer just two or three options when it comes to the best seat in the bathroom, with hundreds of different styles, brands and sizes to choose from. In Australia, we are lucky to have …

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hot water system by tap doctor

Hot Water Systems: Gas or Electric?

Gas versus electric hot water systems There are a lot of things to consider when choosing between electric or gas hot water systems. You want to make sure you are getting the most cost effective, reliable model for your situation and we want to help. As Perth’s hot water systems experts, in electric or gas, …

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gas burner flames

Preventing and Detecting a Gas Leak

Preventing & detecting a gas leak Gas leaks cause hundreds of accidents around Australia every year. In some cases these lead to injury or death where the incident could have been easily avoided with regular gas line checks and gas leak repairs carried out by a licensed professional. Did you know: Natural gas has no …

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dripping tap

What Is That Noise?

What is that noise? Splashing and gurgling noises are commonplace in the bathroom during your morning routine, but what about when the noises occur in your pipes overhead or in the kitchen drain? When you hear suspicious noises coming from your plumbing and pipes it usually spells trouble. At best you might have a water …

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The Tap Doctor Contract

Designed by Tap Doctor WA

Your favourite Perth plumbers are so much more than a run of the mill plumbing and gas fitting company. We can also help you to create your perfect kitchen, laundry and bathroom from top to bottom. Whether it’s a small fix to outdated appliances or a complete overhaul, Tap Doctor WA are on hand to …

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Plumbing 101

Your Safety is Our Priority

At Tap Doctor WA, we’ve got your safety at the forefront of our minds. Plumbing isn’t just about fixing up leaks, replacing old tanks, or trying to figure out why your water is running cold. It’s also about fixing up and checking in with elements of your home and plumbing system that could be dangerous …

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Water Water Everywhere and Not a Drop to Drink

Plumbing tips and tricks for water efficiency It’s no secret that we have a bit of a problem with water in Australia. We use lots of it, but unfortunately we need to be mindful of our usage: much of the country is dealing with drought, and climate change is a big reality. Not to mention, …

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