Do you have a leaking toilet?

Have you noticed water pooling on the ground near your toilet, or seen water trickling from the cistern? It’s likely that your toilet is leaking – and you need to get it fixed up quickly! Leaking toilets are difficult to deal with and can be a household hazard: wet areas in the bathroom that can lead to a slip, damaged floors and the potential of drip-through if your toilet is on the second floor, and – of course – the possibility of a sewerage smell!

It can be tricky to identify the cause of your leaking toilet, and there are a number of different malfunctions that can cause it to leak.

Here are some of the most common causes of a leak in your toilet:

Float or inlet valve:

A common cause of a toilet leak is issues with the float or inlet valve, both of which work hard to regulate the water that flows through your tank when you flush the toilet. If either of these are out of whack, they may need to be replaced – depending on the specifics of the problem.

Crack in the tank:

This is the outcome that you don’t want when investigating why your toilet is leaking – but unfortunately, it does happen! A crack in the tank generally means you will either need to replace your tank, or install a brand new toilet system. Cracks in porcelain toilets are usually impossible to fix. Replacing a toilet is a hands-on job and requires significant knowledge of plumbing systems – it’s best to put this job in the hands of a professional plumber!

Valves, supply lines and loose screws:

These are just a few more options on the list of possible leakage problems. A valve within your tank can come loose, your supply line could have a crack in it or have loose washers, and it is possible that your toilet wasn’t installed properly or an old system simply needs to be replaced.

No matter what the problem with your toilet is – and whether you can identify it or not – it is always best to get a professional Perth plumber in to check it out and do the dirty work. The plumbers at Tap Doctor WA Plumbing & Gas have many years of experience under their tool belts, and know just what to look for when something goes wrong in your bathroom. Tap Doctor WA Plumbing & Gas work across the greater Perth area, and are qualified and friendly experts. Get in touch today on 1300 130 827 to get your toilet back in working order!

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