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Your favourite Perth plumbers are so much more than a run of the mill plumbing and gas fitting company. We can also help you to create your perfect kitchen, laundry and bathroom from top to bottom. Whether it’s a small fix to outdated appliances or a complete overhaul, Tap Doctor WA are on hand to provide expert installations and remodelling work with a professional touch.

Cavity space and moving plumbing for renovations

One of the trickiest things about planning a renovation is creating a modern space around outdated pipes. Have no fear, we can get them out of the way to make space for brand new fittings and appliances. Where existing fittings and fixtures (showers, sinks, toilets) can’t be included in your revamped design we can re-route the plumbing with no disruption to the renovation timeline.

Sometimes cavity spaces need to be expanded to make room for extra pipes or wiring. In other cases the cavity space was made too roomy and needs to shrink to meet a modern design. We can do both with no hassle. Cavity spaces, like all plumbing work in Australia, need to be modified by a licensed professional. The last thing you want is a botched DIY job and water in the walls – it happens more than you might think.

Appliance plumbing

Modern fridges, washing machines, and showers have a whole lot of functions that didn’t exist when Perth’s old houses were built. In some cases the old pipes have rusted away and can’t handle the pressure of a modern shower – and there’s nothing worse! Installing modern plumbing that will last the life of your renovation is easy with Tap Doctor WA. We will work closely with the designers and other contractors to make sure everything is plumbed to your exact specifications.

We are also licensed to install gas lines and gas points, so if you are going the whole hog on a kitchen renovation we can do it all at once. If you have any questions about installing new appliances – from fridges and washers to gas heaters – we are happy to offer advice so you can upgrade with confidence.

Round the clock support

Having tradies on standby is crucial when dealing with a number of contractors on a big job. Or if you’re attempting to DIY some parts of the renovation and find yourself in a bind, we are on hand all times of the day or night to help out. To avoid a midnight callout though, we strongly encourage you to plan ahead and make sure you have all your contractors ready to go on schedule. Time blowouts and poor planning are the biggest contributors to cost overruns on renovation jobs.

Plumbers are great friends to have during a renovation. We have local plumbers in virtually every Perth suburb who can come to you with parts and tools at the ready. Tap Doctor WA‘s licensed technicians work closely with the renovation designers (whether that’s you or an architect) to make sure the plumbing and gas fitting on your finished project is exactly how you imagined. That’s what makes us the most reliable plumbers in Perth.

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