Leak Detection Services

A leak can quickly turn your beautiful home into a swimming pool and not the kind that the kids have been trying to convince you to get. Things can get even worse when you don’t know exactly where the leak is coming from. Even the smallest leak can cause a lot of expensive damage over the course of a few days or weeks.

Our team is highly trained and able to track down the source of your leak very quickly as we have been detecting leaks for long enough to know how to read the clues on where the leak originates.Don’t worry if the water seems to be coming out of a place that logically makes no sense, we’ll figure out where it’s coming from.

Gas & Water Leaks – Non-Invasive, Non-Destructive

Our plumbers are licensed gas-fitters so we can handle both water and gas leaks. The only thing worse than having a big leak in your house is having a huge hole in your wall, made while trying to find the leak. Our team uses the most non-invasive methods possible to find the source of the leak without having to break down or make holes in your walls. A bit of simple knowledge of the layout of your piping system is great but if you have no idea, no problems! We can still track down the source of the leak by relying on our experience and instincts in the field.

Repairs that Last

Once the source of the leak has been found it is time for us to work our magic. We carry all of the tools necessary to patch things up right the first time around so you shouldn’t expect problems in the future.

We can also have a look to see if we can find any areas that might present problems later on. Remember, it is much cheaper and easier to fix a leak problem early on, before it starts than to take care of it once it is too late and your precious belongings have already suffered water damage. Take the necessary steps today, while there is still time!

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Recent Gas & Water Leak Detection Work

Gas & Water Leak Detection Services by TapDoctorGas & Water Leak Detection Services by TapDoctorGas & Water Leak Detection Services by TapDoctorGas & Water Leak Detection Services by TapDoctorGas & Water Leak Detection Services by TapDoctor


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