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Burst Pipes are no joke. We are fully qualified to repair it the RIGHT way. Burst pipes can sneak up on you, slowly leaking water for weeks or months without notice…and then you receive an alarmingly expensive water bill. On the other hand, massive pipe bursts can cause damage quickly and require instant repair.

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Small leaks can quickly turn into burst pipes if not attended to quickly

Small leaks can quickly turn into burst pipes if not attended to quickly

How do I know if I have a leak?

Not all leaks are obvious, and they can be secretly burning a hole in your wallet. One of the easiest ways to test for a hidden leak is to turn off your entire water supply. If your water meter continues to rise, then you know there is a leak hidden somewhere.

There are some common household areas you can check regularly for leaks to avoid unwanted water charges. For example:

Toilet — Remove the cover over the cistern and listen closely. Leaks tend to be accompanied by a low hissing sound. Also check to see if there is leaking down the back of the toilet bowl itself.

Shower — Shower heads can become clogged and actually hide evidence of a leak until they overflow. Remove the head regularly to clean it and check for unwanted water back ups.

Outdoor Taps — If your outdoor taps are leaking you will often find growth around it. This will be especially noticeable when the weather has been dry. If your tap is surrounded by grass or other foliage, this is a sure sign of leaking. Double check there are no holes in your hoses or irrigation systems.


Many things can cause leaks, but copper pipes tend to cause even more issues because they can become brittle and weak over time. If you continue to experience leaks you may want to look into replacing your pipes with something more sturdy, like plastic pipes. Contact us for a repair quote today.

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