Rheem Hot Water Systems

As official Rheem suppliers, the Tap Doctor offers installation services for a wide range of Rheem hot water systems, from gas and electric to solar powered heaters.

For over 60 years, Rheem hot water systems have been trusted by experts to provide reliable and efficient water heating in every domestic and commercial application. Proud to call ourselves Rheem suppliers, the Tap Doctor provides installation services, as well as repairs and servicing for the following models.

Rheem gas hot water systems

Rheem Stellar
With a first hour capacity of up to 360 litres, followed by 200 litres of hot water every hour, Rheem Stellar provides more hot water than most households will ever need. It also boasts a 5 star energy efficiency rating, sleek ultra modern styling and 10/10 year warranty.

Rheem Continuous Flow
A compact, gas instantaneous or continuous flow water heater with optional temperature controllers, the Rheem Continuous Flow hot water system doesn’t store water – instead, it heats it instantly when you need it. As Rheem suppliers, we recommend this compact design for homes where space is at a premium. It also enables you to select the exact water temperature you desire, not too hot in the bathroom to protect the little ones and more heat in the laundry and kitchen where it’s needed most.

Rheem Optima
The cylinder is lined with a specially developed vitreous enamel and twin anode protection, covered by a 10 year warranty. When you call on the Tap Doctor’s supply and installation services, ask about Rheem Optima Quick Recovery models – perfect for people who need lots and lots of hot water, such as larger families or homes with more than one bathroom.

A great range of indoor and outdoor models, all with a 5-year warranties and featuring a specially designed gas burner for maximum cost efficiency, as well as a new user adjustable gas control that enables you to choose the temperature which best suits your needs. The Quick Recovery models are ideal for meeting high demand for hot water at busy times.

Rheem Plus
The perfect choice for new homes or when replacing existing hot water systems, RheemPlus stores water above 60°C, yet tap supply never exceeds 50°C, so there’s no need to install a tempering valve, making it quicker and easier for our plumbers providing Rheem installation services and safer for you.

Rheem Heavy Duty
This is the tough operator that takes on your big hot water demands and keeps on delivering. The range starts with a hefty 260 litre capacity and over 200 litres recovery every hour. Twin anodes and a double layer of vitreous enamel give long life protection to the cylinder, which is covered by a 10 year warranty. If your home is heavy on hot water, talk to your nearest Tap Doctor suppliers about Rheem Heavy Duty.

Rheem electric hot water systems

Rheem Optima
A 10 year warranty on the cylinder, increased anode protection and a wide range of models makes Optima a long-term success story. The choice includes capacities from 250 litres up to 400 litres. All models can take advantage of off-peak or night rate tariffs and feature the benefit of a user adjustable thermostat to control water temperature. And if you require hot water boosting 24hrs a day, ask your nearest Tap Doctor suppliers about Rheem Optima models fitted with twin elements.

From a compact 25 litre to the huge 400 litre capacity, Rheemglas hot water systems take advantage of off-peak tariffs providing you with great savings. This, combined with Colorbond steel cabinets, CFC-free insulation, vitreous enamel lining protecting the steel cylinder and a 5 year warranty, has made them a very popular choice for those who demand reliability and efficiency.

The perfect choice for new homes or when replacing existing hot water systems, RheemPlus stores water above 60°C, yet tap supply never exceeds 50°C, so there’s no need to install a tempering valve, making it quicker and easier for our plumbers providing Rheem installation services and safer for you.

Rheem solar hot water systems

If you’re thinking of going solar and calling on our Rheem installation services, be sure to check out the hot water rebates available in your state, as well as Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) – you could makea saving for your pocket as well as planet.

Heat Pump
The Rheem Heat Pump water heater has been specifically designed for Australian environmental conditions by cleverly removing heat energy from the ambient air and storing it in the water tank. In cold conditions, a unique freeze mode activates a booster element to ensure plenty of hot water is available, even on the coldest winter nights.

Solar Premier (electric and gas boost models)
The Premier range of solar water heaters has been specially developed for areas subject to frost conditions, as well as poor water quality. Available from our Rheem suppliers in Hiline (tank and collectors on the roof) and Loline (tank at ground level) versions, the Premier range offers the ultimate in solar water heating technology.

Solar Loline (electric boost)
Rheem Solar Loline electric models offer an energy efficient hot water solution, providing the benefits of greater savings today, while caring for tomorrow’s generation. With the choice of an indoor or outdoor storage tank, its booster element is suitable for connection to either an off-peak or continuous power supply, for heating during periods of low solar energy from the sun.

Solar Loline (gas boost)
The efficiency and superior performance of Rheem’s solar Loline gas hot water systems have lower greenhouse gas emissions – equivalent to a nine star gas water heater. Its selective surface absorber panel is designed to draw maximum heat from the sun while fully automatic time controlled or in line instantaneous gas boosting provide the full benefits of gas water heating during periods of poor solar gain.

Solar Hiline (electric and gas boost models)
As Rheem suppliers, we recommend this clever self-contained design for areas not subject to frost conditions. It combines long-life solar collector panels with a water storage tank, all mounted on your roof for simplicity and space saving. It requires no motor or pump, working on the principle that hot water, just like hot air, rises when heated. The booster element can be controlled by an automatic timer or a simple on/off switch to provide a constant supply of hot water for periods when the sun does not shine.

Designed and manufactured in Australia, all the models listed above bear the StandardsMark, the Regulatory Compliance Mark, the WaterMark and 9001 Quality Certification.

The Rheem Mains Pressure Advantage

All storage Rheem hot water systems have the Rheem Mains Pressure Advantage built in, providing you with a steady, hot and strong flow of water to showers, washing machines, dishwashers, baths and basins – all at the same time.

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