Grey Water Systems

The world is rapidly becoming more and more environmentally conscious which is a good thing for all of us in preserving our health and our earth. A big topic in being environmentally friendly is saving water and how not to waste so much of it, an especially important issue in Australia.

A grey water system can be a great way to do this because it recycles your used water into usable water again. Grey water is usually meant to mean bath water, water from the shower or water from your sink or washing machine.

Why Go Professional?

Many grey water enthusiasts try to build their own grey water systems but this can be unsanitary or potentially dangerous if they don’t have the right sort of training. Since the water you will be using has already been used it is important to know which places are appropriate for routing grey water to and which places aren’t. Some grey water systems are quite simple while others can be extremely complex. We are up to the task of both and everything in between, we just need to do a survey of your area and discuss your needs with you first.

Supplies – We Got ‘Em!

Some of the supplies and materials that are used in grey water systems are highly specialized and hard to find. We carry and have suppliers for all of the materials needed in creating a grey water system for your home. We will do all of the necessary tests to ensure that your house will be able to make use of your grey water safely and will install the system in a way that complies with regulations. Using grey water the right way can be a great way to save money and help the environment – so let us help you get it installed correctly, the first time around.

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