Dorf Australia

Australian made &  owned, for more than fifty years, Dorf has been delivering stylish, high quality tapware products and accessories for Australian homes.

Innovating with Smart Technologies

Behind the stylish aesthetic of Dorf tapware is leading edge technology. Dorf’s commitment to innovation means they have developed a collection of Smart tapware technologies designed to enhance your experience with their products.

Dorf Smart – Smart in every way!

The Dorf Smart range combines visual appeal with elegant style, advanced technology with innovative thinking, water-saving ideas with energy efficient solutions, and the reliability and reputation of Australia’s most respected brand of tapware.

Dorf Smart Taps & Tapware

Dorf Smart – Smart in every way – Behind the stylish aesthetic of Dorf tapware is leading edge technology. Our commitment to innovation means we’ve developed a collection of smart tapware technologies designed to enhance your experience with our products.

Dorf Taps and TapwareCeradisc® Technology – Precise Water Flow and Temperature ControlDorf Ceradisc® technology provides precise control over the water mix so you are getting just the right amount of water at the right temperature. Unlike historic ¼ turn tapware, Dorf Ceradisc® technology  uses a ½ or ¾ turn to reach full flow, which means you don’t use more water than necessary and have ultimate water flow control.

Dorf Eco-temp Taps & Tapware SydneyEco-Temp Technology -Increased Energy Savings and SafetyThe innovative eco-temp feature has been designed for maximum energy savings and safety. A special spring loaded cartridge ensures that when the mixer is turned on it reaches a pre-determined, comfortable temperature level.

Dorf soft close tapsSoft Close Technology Quieter Tapware, No Water HammerA high flow rate of water running through pipes, combined with a mixer that is turned off too quickly will lead to hydraulic acoustics or what is commonly known as water hammer. The unique soft close technology from Dorf eliminates this problem.

Dorf low profile tapsLow Profile Technology Minimalist Design Through InnovationCutting edge, patented, low profile technology from Dorf creates a minimalist look not achievable with standard tapware products. Low profile tapware is all about the technology and engineering behind the design.

Advanced features that optimise water flow, mix and temperature control are included in select ranges for added functionality. Other smart technologies are designed to bring new looks in tapware to life and are the driving force behind some of the pioneering designs in the Dorf designer range.

Setting the Benchmark for Quality

Water Savings Made Easy with Dorf

With almost half the water in our homes flowing from taps and showers, using water efficient tapware adds up to big savings. It can also help trim hundreds of dollars off your water and energy bills every year.

With Dorf, water savings do not come at the expense of comfort or convenience. High quality aerated flow controllers are included and engineered to work with your water pressure, so you’ll enjoy an even delivery of water, across all water pressures.

Standards Australia is internationally renowned for its role in the development of national standards and is recognised by the Government as the peak, non-government standards body in Australia.

Dorf Taps & Tapware for Kitchens & Bathrooms                                   Dorf water saving taps & showerheads

When choosing tapware and showers it’s important to select products that are approved as complying with the Australian Standard specified in the Plumbing code of Australia. With Dorf you can feel confident that the taps and showers that you choose meet the requirements of the Code and relevant Standards.

Each year Dorf spends more than $1 million a year on research and development, testing, compliance and certification.

The Australian Standard relating to taps is AS/NZS 3718 and AS/NZS3662 for showers. Certified tapware is required to clearly display either a StandardsMark or a WaterMark, along with the manufacturer’s licence number. The endorsement of the WaterMark in the Plumbing Code of Australia will result in the StandardsMark being phased out on plumbing products.