Gas Heater Installation

Gas Heat Installation Service 

Gas Heater Installation

When the colder months hit, investing in a gas room heater can turn a chilly night at home into a cosy one. Many people choose gas heater installation over electric because it is a cost-effective and clean alternative.

At The Tap Doctor, our fully-licensed gas fitters offer expert gas room heater installation services. Whether you’re looking to install a permanent fluted heater in your living room, or a portable heater that you can carry from room to room, our qualified professionals can help you warm any space while adhering to the highest safety regulations.

Fluted vs Unfluted Gas Room Heaters

There are two main types of gas heaters that can be installed in a home: fluted and unfluted. Fluted gas heaters are similar to your typical gas fireplace. These heaters are designed to stay in one location and they feature a ventilation channel, like a chimney. At The Tap Doctor, we can help install a fluted gas heater in your home, along with any necessary piping, valves, and fixtures. These heaters are perfect for those looking to warm their home while adding a traditional and elegant touch.

Unfluted heaters, on the other hand, are an increasingly popular option. These heaters can be carried from room to room as long as there is a bayonet connection—something that we can install for you at The Tap Doctor if you don’t already have them. Unlike fluted heaters, however, unfluted heaters do not come with a ventilation channel, meaning that you need to consider ventilation standards before introducing them into a room.

At The Tap Doctor, our team is experienced in both fluted and unfluted gas heater installation. We can help advise you on where a heater should be installed in your home to provide the maximum warmth and ventilation. Thanks to our wide range of expertise working with various gas appliances, we can ensure that your heater is properly installed the first time around to eliminate the chance of safety hazards.

Our Gas Room Heater Services

At The Tap Doctor, our fully-licensed team can provide comprehensive services, from first-time installation to safety inspection, repairs, maintenance, and more. Some of the gas room heater services that we offer in Perth include:

  • Fluted and unfluted gas heater installation
  • Bayonet installation, valve replacement, piping, etc.
  • Gas heater repairs and maintenance
  • Ventilation and safety inspections
  • And more!

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Whether you’re in need of gas heater installation, repair, or regular maintenance, our experts have the tools and expertise needed to provide fast and reliable services.

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