Hot Water Systems: Gas or Electric?

Gas versus electric hot water systems

There are a lot of things to consider when choosing between electric or gas hot water systems. You want to make sure you are getting the most cost effective, reliable model for your situation and we want to help. As Perth’s hot water systems experts, in electric or gas, we can shed some light on the facts to make your decision a little easier.

Benefits of electric hot water systems

Electric systems, also known as cylinders, come in two styles: instant and storage. Instant hot water takes a while to heat up but you avoid the energy costs of constantly keeping water warm. Electric hot water storage systems can draw off-peak power to lower on-peak energy costs but they still incur tariffs and those costs add up. On the plus side, electric systems tend to be cheaper to purchase and install. So you see more cost savings upfront but potentially higher running costs compared to gas hot water systems.

Benefits of gas hot water systems

Gas hot water systems can be cost effective if you already have a gas line installed and with gas prices currently cheaper than electricity (although on the rise) they are generally a little cheaper to run. Getting a gas line or extra gas points installed can be a costly process though, especially retrofitting an old premises.

Many gas hot water systems use a pilot light to stay warm, so even if you lose electricity you will still have hot water. This can be a real saviour during a power outage! Another positive for the environmentally conscious is that gas systems produce less greenhouse emissions than electric systems over time.

Cost comparison

So we know that gas systems are most cost effective to run, whereas electric water heaters are cheaper to install. But how do the costs actually break down over time? Electric systems cost the average household of 4 people around $1,000 per year for on peak systems and a little over $500 for off-peak. Some systems will be a combination of the two, with a fluctuating cost that works out somewhere in between. The system, including installation, usually costs between $300 to $1,500.

Gas systems on the other hand cost as little as $350 per year for a family to run, making them substantially cheaper over time. However the real pinch point with gas systems is the purchase price; they can cost anywhere from $900 to $2,000 and that’s before installation! So while they might be cheaper to run, they certainly aren’t cheaper to install.

Repairing hot water systems 

Choosing a hot water system can be a slightly complicated process; you want to make sure you get a good brand that will last you a long time and not cost the earth to run. Thankfully choosing a hot water repair specialist in Perth is easy. Tap Doctor WA are fully licensed to install, maintain, and repair gas and electric hot water systems, including installing gas lines. With our 24/7 emergency service we can also come to you in a middle-of-the-night hot water emergency.

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