How to Choose the Right Hot Water System for Your Family

How to Choose the Right Hot Water System for Your Family

Hot water systems don’t last forever, with most tanks having a lifespan of around ten years depending on the type and use. Chances are, you will have to invest in a few new hot water tanks over your lifetime. But what type of system is best for you and your family? Choosing a new hot water system can be a daunting task, with many options and alternatives on the market. That’s why it is so important to talk to the experts at Tap Doctor WA so you can make the right choice the first time round!

As we edge closer to the cold winter months, it’s imperative that you check on your existing hot water system and make arrangements to have a new one installed if yours isn’t going to make it through the chilly months, or get your current system repaired by a professional if required. The best thing to do is allow Tap Doctor WA Plumbing & Gas to guide you in the decision. Here are some tips about the different types of hot water systems in the market – once you have an idea about what sounds right for your family, talk it over with the experts! We will come on-site to assist you in making the right decision no matter what your situation is – house/apartment, number of residents, budget… you name it, we have a solution that’s right for you!

There are two main types of hot water systems for the average Perth home: gas and electric – with the option to boost your system with solar. For those looking to install or replace a gas-based system, options available include a basic gas storage system, a continuous flow hot water system, or a gas storage system boosted with solar. For those who don’t have a gas connection or are looking to stick with electric, there a number of options: electric hot water system, electric boosted solar, or a hot water pump.

There are several things to consider when making your decision, including: the size of your house, the number of people using hot water, environmental preferences, and cost. Electric and gas systems boosted with solar are generally always going to have a higher installation and initial purchase cost, but can save families money in the long run with little effect on the environment. Solar hot water system owners have reported saving up to 70% on ongoing energy costs. A basic electric hot water storage system will have low purchase and installation costs, but can have higher ongoing costs. These are often recommended for smaller properties like apartments or units, as they take up less space.

Gas storage hot water systems and continuous flow systems are often recommended for larger homes or houses with several occupants, as they can keep up with demand and are often mid-range when it comes to initial and ongoing costs. Continuous flow systems are a great option for families as the water is heated as required, and you won’t have to deal with the tricky issue of hot water running out towards the end of the day. It’s important to take a look at how much hot water your family or household currently uses, and evaluate what elements are most important to you: cost, capacity, environmental factors.

Need advice on which hot water system is best for you, and require a professional to install it properly? Don’t put it off – make sure your home is covered and your family is happy for the winter! Get in touch with Tap Doctor WA Plumbing & Gas today for advice, expertise and a professional service on 1300 130 827.

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