How to: Fix a leaking Tap

How to fix a leaking tap

Is the sound of the tap in your ensuite, bathroom or kitchen dripping in the middle of the night starting to drive you crazy? Have you tightened the tap as far as it can go and it’s still leaking away? We know how you feel. A leaky tap can be a nightmare: not only does it drip at all hours of the day, it’s also a huge waste of water and a frustrating problem to tackle.

So, what are your options to make sure that incessant dripping stops?

Let it drip:

This is the option we absolutely do not recommend! As soon as you realise that your tap isn’t doing what it’s supposed to, take action to identify the problem and get it fixed up. A dripping tap can waste over 20,000 litres of water over the space of a year, which is a huge blight on your water bill – not to mention the environment! A leaking tap isn’t a problem that will disappear if you ignore it, which is why we recommend getting in touch with your local plumber to sort it out. They can quickly pinpoint the issue, fix it up, and advise you on what to do if the problem comes up again in the future.

Call in the professionals:

Getting in touch with a plumbing professional to sort out your leaking tap and any other plumbing issue is always the safest way to tackle an issue and ensure that the job is done correctly. DIY jobs can often be a quick-fix and lead to bigger problems down the road, so calling in a professional is always the most cost-efficient and timely way to get your plumbing issues sorted out.

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