Laundry Plumbing Services – Installation, Repairs & Maintenance

Laundry is an integral part of any household and one of the most difficult to repair on your own when problems arise. Thanks to Tap Doctors around the clock availability, we are here to help you in a pinch.

Our plumbers are well versed in all things laundry, from general maintenance to washing machine installation and emergency repair for leaking machines, burst pipes or dripping basins.

We don’t stop there though, we also offer gas dryer fitting, installation, maintenance and repair. That’s right, we can handle anything your entire laundry room throws at us.

Some of the plumbing services specific to your laundry room that we can provide are:

  • Washing machine installation including all required plumbing
  • Gas dryer installation including associated gas fitting
  • Fixing your clogged sinks, basins, pipes and drains
  • Fixing your leaking taps
  • Expert advice on laundry renovations or new builds
  • General laundry plumbing maintenance
  • Hot water system maintenance, repairs and installation

Because your laundry is so important, we know you need problems dealt with as quickly as possible. That’s why we offer prompt service with quick turnarounds. We come to every job prepared for the task and won’t make a mess of your home.

Laundry Plumbing Services

Laundry Room Renovations or New Builds

Renovating your current laundry room or trying to find the best way to incorporate one into your new build?

We work alongside contractors to help bring your dream laundry room to reality. We will come in, check out your progress and offer expert advice on the best way to create a laundry room that is not only functional, but affordable. We can also install all of your necessary plumbing needs, taking extra precautions to ensure there are no leaks or problems in the future.

Whatever your needs, we have the solution. We are just a quick phone call away.

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