Maintaining Your Hot Water System This Winter

We’re heading into the colder months, and although you may not quite be feeling the chills yet, it’s time to make sure your hot water system is ready to go when the cold sets in. Whether your hot water system is solar, gas or electric, it needs to be checked every few years to ensure the storage tank is in good condition and will see you through the winter.

Here at Tap Doctor WA Plumbing & Gas we are offering free anode checks and can advise on hot water system repairs across Perth. Not too sure where to start, or whether your system needs a check? Here are the key points you need to know.

What are anodes?

An anode is a magnesium rod that is usually screwed onto the top of your hot water tank. Anodes on hot water tanks are known as ‘sacrificial anodes,’ because they almost primarily exist to protect the rest of the tank from damage and rust. Sacrificial anodes are designed to corrode, and should be replaced every 3-5 years depending on the type of tank. As well as sacrificed anodes most hot water units have 3-4 valves that need to be changed every 5 years. If sacrificial anodes aren’t replaced on your tank, there is nothing to stop the corrosion and breakdown of your system. It’s important to get your anodes regularly replaced so your hot water tank doesn’t break down.

The difference between new and old anodes

Sacrificial anodes break down over time, and corrosion will be visible on your tank within a year or two. Although it may look like they are eroding at an incredibly rapid rate, this is what sacrificial anodes are designed to do. No matter what type of hot water tank you have, the anodes will become unusable and unsafe for your system, and all storage systems will rupture if the anode is not replaced. A brand new anode installed by a professional will arrest corrosion and triple the life of your current hot water system. 90% of tank ruptures unfortunately occur because anodes were not replaced on an existing system.

How to check your anode rod

The short answer is: you don’t! For those who aren’t in the know, playing around with a hot water system and trying to do your own repairs can be extremely dangerous. It’s important that you get a professional tradesperson to check your system for issues, and to implement any repairs. Tap Doctor WA Plumbing & Gas are offering free checks right now, so get in touch with us today!

How a new anode will help you and your family

Replacing the sacrificial anode on your hot water system is not only the smart thing to do if you want your system to last – it’s also the best plan of action to save money in the long run. If an anode is left to corrode for too long, the system will become unusable and you will have to invest in a more expensive new hot water heater. Most tanks have a 5 year warranty, and anodes usually won’t last longer than that – so it’s a good idea to keep an eye on how long you’ve had the tank.

Getting a professional in to replace the anode on your hot water system will save you time, money and stress. If your solar, gas or electrical storage water heater is older than 4 years, it needs to be checked right now!

Call Tap Doctor WA Plumbing & Gas right now for your free inspection on 1300 130 827.

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