My Drains are Not Draining

Are your drains causing issues?

Can’t quite get them to drain through properly, and that dreaded pool of water at the top is taking a little too long to disperse? Blocked drains are one of the most common issues amongst homeowners, and there are a number of different causes and solutions for the problem. Tap Doctor WA have put together a list of some of the main signs of drain blockages, how to figure what is causing your issue, and what to do when the problem strikes.


One of the most common causes of a blocked drain is clogging due to a build-up of items. When it comes to your shower or bathroom sink, the clogging is usually caused by hair, dirt, soap and other bathroom products building up in the drain. If your toilet is struggling and appears to be clogged, feminine hygiene products, wet wipes or other foreign objects could be the offenders. The kitchen sink is subject to many different foods, cleaning products and oils every day – which means that your draining system could be struggling to keep up.

Smells or leaks:

We know, it’s not too pleasant to think about. But sometimes, one of the key signs of a blocked drain is a bad smell – whether it’s near your kitchen or bathroom sink, shower, bath tub, or toilet. The smell could be a build-up of materials that are clogging your drain, or it could be a sign of a bigger problem with your plumbing or sewage system. If you have started to notice leaks from certain plumbing spots in your house – particularly the toilet – it could also be a sign of a larger issue, rather than just a blocked drain.

Effects on your household:

Blocked drains may seem like a fairly minor issue, but leaving them for too long or not catching the issue early can lead to ongoing problems and a negative effect on your household. Not only does a convenience factor come into play, but health and safety are important to consider too. Water and objects that have accumulated in a draining system can emit a strong odour and permeate the atmosphere in your home. Leaks can weaken the foundations of your home, and stagnant water in your plumbing systems can attract mosquitos and other pests – and the area will be prone to mould and bacteria.

So, if you think your drain – or a number of your drains – are blocked, how can you take action to solve the problem? The best solution is always to call a licensed plumber in your area. Tap Doctor WA plumbers are the experts when it comes to repairing blocked drains in Perth, with the knowledge and expertise to assess and diagnose the issue, fix the blockage, and advise you on further care and what to watch out for. Get in touch with our professional plumbers today to get that blocked drain fixed, once and for all!

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