What is that noise?

Splashing and gurgling noises are commonplace in the bathroom during your morning routine, but what about when the noises occur in your pipes overhead or in the kitchen drain? When you hear suspicious noises coming from your plumbing and pipes it usually spells trouble.

At best you might have a water pressure issue or a blockage starting to form. At worst…well, you’ll want to call the septic specialists for that one.

Plumbing problems aren’t exclusive to Perth’s old houses so don’t fall in to the trap of thinking you can ignore the sound until it goes away.

Noises in your pipes

Squeals and groans coming from your pipes are probably not ghosts (phew!), but instead they are signs of pipes struggling under pressure. As water moves from large pipes to smaller ones and the pressure is too high you will hear squealing noises or the sound of pipes protesting.

Call a plumber immediately and direct them to the pressure valve if you have one. The problem needs to be professionally fixed to avoid pressure build ups and burst pipes.

Water hammer

When you shut off the water and the pipes bang or rattle it usually means the water pressure is too high. If the banging occurs when water is running it could still be a pressure issue, or it could mean your pipes are coming loose and need to be fastened properly.

Never ignore hammering pipes or you could end up with a burst and a serious leak. When you call a plumber to investigate the cause of the hammer, they might need to install a pressure regulating valve on your mains and an anti-hammer valve in the tap. If loose pipes are the issue the plumber might fasten or sleeve the problem area to stop it moving around.

Gurgling toilets or drains

Slow, gurgling loos strike fear in to the bravest plumbers. They know it could be a simple fix in the cistern or it could be something much worse, depending on if the toilet is running while it gurgles. If it is, they will get in to the cistern and replace any worn parts to keep your loo flushing smoothly.

If the toilet doesn’t run while it gurgles it could be a sign of a blocked sewer line. This could mean you need a replacement sewer line which is not a job for the queasy. Sinks and drain blockages are also common and when that happens it’s important to get a plumber to look closely. The issue could be caused by debris requiring the pipes to be taken apart, or it could be a symptom of poor plumbing which requires more extensive work.

The best thing you do when you hear unusual noises in your pipes is call Perth’s 24 hour emergency plumbers at Tap Doctor WA straight away. Remember all plumbing work in Perth has to be carried out by a licensed plumber – but it definitely helps to know where the noise is coming from so you can direct our expert plumbers right to the source. Give us a call any time of the day or night and we will be with you straight away to get rid of those worrying noises.

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