What to Look for When your Hot Water System Needs Replacing

Replacing your hot water system

Unfortunately, hot water systems don’t last forever. The more modern your system, the longer it is likely to last without going on the blink or checking out completely – the average system will last between five and ten years. All hot water systems need to be regularly inspected, and it’s important to know the signs that something might be wrong – or that your system might be on its last legs.

Here’s a few tips and questions to consider:

What does the water look like?

The water flowing from your taps should always be clear. If it looks a little bit or significantly brown, it could mean your hot water system is having issues. Similarly, if the water is muddy or discoloured in any way, it’s time to get it checked out.

What does the tank look like?

If you have a hunch that something has gone wrong, or you’ve noticed issues with the water, head to your tank and take a good look. If there’s water around the tank itself, or even just more moisture than usual, there could be a slow leak somewhere inside. If you notice any major cracks or ridges on the tank, particularly around the fittings and connections, make sure you get the tank checked as soon as possible. Orange or dark red rust around the tank could be a sign that something is corroding, so keep an eye on that too.

Listen up:

Strange noises are often the first sign that your hot water system isn’t too happy. It might be a grumbling, groaning, or whining noise – which usually means that sediment has built up inside the tank. Sometimes simply flushing the hot water system will fix this issue, but if you keep hearing the noises, your system’s time is probably up and it’s time to call in the professionals.

How’s your flow?

Pay attention to your water flow – does it seem like the pressure has drastically reduced, or has reduced over time? Does the hot water seem to run out quicker when you shower, or does it seem to just stick at a lukewarm level when you try to increase the heat? Maybe it does heat up but takes longer than usual, or you’ve noticed that there’s more arguments around the house about who’s using up all the hot water. It could be that your water even seems too hot, or you can never get the temperature quite right.

Any major or minor changes to your regular hot water usage should be noted, as they could mean that something has gone wrong – or is about to! Don’t wait until the system shuts down completely to have it checked out, serviced, or replaced. Get in touch with Perth’s hot water system professionals – Tap Doctor WA Plumbing & Gas – and get an expert to take a look. Get in touch on 1300 130 827 or book an inspection from our website.

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